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Welcome to Hacienda Encantada, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico - Day One, Part One

August 18, 2018

Mexico boasts beauty, bright, festive colors and vacations there can be fun, adventurous and affordable! There are deals on airfare sometimes, too!

After having visited Cancun, Costa Maya and Puerto Vallarta, as well as Cozumel several times, we added Cabo San Lucas to our Mexican Destination Bucket List and started planning.

Summer is somewhat of a slower season for Mexican tourism, so we were able to get a room (and wait until you see it), at the fabulous Hacienda Encantada! This resort exceeded our expectations in so many ways.

How many ways?

1. Location, Location, Location! 
    It was only about a 20 minute ride from the airport and one of the more beautiful resorts, built into a cliffs! [Picture: Above right.]

2. The pools!
 The pools were absolutely beautiful. You can see our balcony in the upper right corner of the picture on the left, on the 3rd floor. This pool included a bistro restaurant, a swim up bar, waiters and waitresses and areas to lay on lounge chairs in the pool!

It also had activities. While the activities somewhat paled to our experience with the Vidanta Joy Squad at Mayan Palace in Puerta Vallarta, Mexico, last year, we did enjoy spending time with the Activities Director, who kindly gave us Spanish lessons and taught us to play Loteria! (Mexican version of Bingo). We played against other guests, which was fun. Winners got a refreshing prize - either a regular or non-alcoholic version of a fruity drink from the bar.

I am not sure these pictures even do this place justice -- it truly was beautiful. It was warm and toasty in the sun, but there was also a breeze. 

Lots of American 80s music to be had here!

You could stay in the pool area all day -- there were painting crafts for the kids to the right, and some kid activities like table tennis behind the swim-up bar building, chess and trampoline on the lower level in back of the pool.

3. The Restaurants

Whether we wanted a buffet, ala carte or quick service meal, there were plenty of options, including a Sushi Bar at the Ocean-View Infinity Pool, where I'd order my Vegetarian Sushi with lots of Wasabi!  Our repeat favorite was Maria's because of the view and the variety of options. We were able to see Maria's from our balcony, looking up and to the left of the pool. So it was conveniently located with a nice bit of walking.

4. Our Room

One of the BEST things (apart from the view, the location, the pool) was our room. We had a full kitchen with breakfast bar AND table.

I LOVED those colorful Mexican chickens and pottery! Such a nice detail, as was the art around the entire premises, including our room # [Pictured right.]

To the left of the kitchen was this credenza with phone, and authentic Mexican dress. Just another detail that really gave flavor to the room. [Pictured: Left.]

I don't have any good pictures of the dining area / sitting room but will add if I find one later.

A doorway to the left of the kitchen (from the entry way), lead to the bedroom, which I thought was amazing and full of flavor and charm.

The bed was big, beautiful and comfy.

There was a wonderful sitting area to the right of the bed near the sliding glass doors that lead to the balcony. So, fabulous view!

Here's the other side of the sitting area. I honestly was so in love with this big spacious suite! I really loved coming inside to read when I needed a little sun break. [Pictured: Right].

So much "atmosphere" to enjoy for the week!
 Bathroom #1

Another thing I loved - the spacious bathroom and wonderful shower.

Every little moment we spent in and around this resort was so packed with culture and charm.

Better yet, there was another, almost the same, bathroom on the other side of the entry hall, so Kayla and I had our own dressing rooms!

As I am writing this, I really miss my little Mexican home by the sea. And while I usually like to check a place off my to-do list, I truly want to return to this resort someday!

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